So there is “Hope”???

Friday Night Photography Quote:

A true photographer is as rare as a true poet or a true painter.
— Jean Cocteau

Interesting week! I think the “Average” person on the street is finally understanding that being in possession of a camera doesn’t make one anymore a “Photographer” than having a Stove and thinking your a great Chef!!!

Maybe they are finally getting it! That it takes years of study. Years of trial and error to get the understanding of everything. That what makes Photography complete and what is the true understanding!

Reading Books! Watching Video Tutorials on the Net! Taking Classes!
Going to Workshops All Helps in Understanding and putting together the knowledge that’s gained and explains the real “Why”!

But what still bothers me is when an image is posted and every single person in that Group is praising that image for it’s perfection!! Proper Exposure, follows None of the “Rules of Composition”, the person is Not Even Trying to break any of “Rules of Composition”. OK it’s a Low Level Group and I was asked to be Member to possibly teach. Would you understand that not just one. But a few actually try to argue the point??? One of them actually claims to be an Artist??

Just sitting back and shaking my head. Take a deep breath!! LOL
Don’t know why it bothers me. After all the years that has passed I’m still affected by those that want to learn but make every excuse to continue doing the same thing! Wouldn’t you figure that if a person posts and asks on how to improve an image they would want to actually hear it?

I’m Not Speaking of those that want to get a camera and take Beautiful Images like they see in the magazines. Upon being informed that it’s Not the Camera that those people study for years to be able to make that Beautiful Image. These are the people that say “Oh that’s too much work”! If I spend more money and get a better camera will it take better pictures? Maybe but again. You will have to learn what to do with the camera.  That Answer does bother me though:

“Oh that’s too much trouble. It’s too hard. I don’t want to invest the time”!!

I don’t think sharing an image for this discussion would do this take on my emotions justice. So I’m just going to leave this the way it is………..

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
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Patience! I Need Patience…

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Photography for me is a passion, a mixture of science and art that creates magic. If a day goes by without photography, it’s incomplete.
— Scott MacQuarrie

Everywhere on the Net people are getting Hot Under the Collar!
All the Crazy Stuff being generated by the US Administration is dividing this country more than ever. Add the Elections! Very tightly contested! A few last minute nail bitters. Add another Mass Shooting in California where a Hero Sheriff ran in to help if he could and was Murdered!

Attacks on Free Press again from Our Government!

My car Battery Light came on the other night. I checked it as much as I could without any gauges… I had a Fan Belt installed not that long ago. So it is possible it might have loosened up to affect the Alternate not creating enough Voltage? Nope! Belt is Tight. Opened Battery to check water? Nope! Water in all the cells are over the plates. Not That?? OK time to bring it in before I get stuck somewhere with a dead battery… Alternator was the Cause! Got that done today. Done…

Part 2:
My cell phone has been acting up lately! Getting a Low Memory Warning!!
Have deleted Apps! Have deleted pics…………… Still getting the Warning?
Received a Call on MY Cell this afternoon. The Caller ID was MY Freakin Number??
OK lets see what this is: My Service Provider is calling Me to tell me my Service is being Cancelled! For more information please press 1 or 2 blah blah blah…

I couldn’t stop laughing… They are trying to Scam Me.. I then called my service provider and Notified them. They asked if I gave any Private Information?
Duh!! Of course Not! They said it was a Fishing Scam! They said if I wanted I could download an App that would Help Prevent it. OK I then informed this Helpful Young Lady that my phone has been acting up with the Warning mentioned above.
She said that the best thing for this is to do a Factory Reset to see if that takes out any bugs! But remember to backup your Contacts from your Address Book and any Pictures you may want to Not Loose….

So I already have backed up my images on to the Sim Card the other day…
Now how do I get my Address Book on that Sim Card?
Looking around I can’t find any Backup Dialog areas??? OK looking around I found an Import/Export.. OH Yeah!! Export to Sim Card… Nice!!

Backed it up! Did a Factory Reset and then did an Import from Sim Card.
Cool!! Everything’s working fine again… Oops………… Oh Man! All my Ringtones and Notification Sounds are Now Gone! I have or actually HAD several Ringtones and Sounds for different people from Friends to Family…

Don’t know if your familiar with Zedge? It’s a Free Place on the Net that lets you download some great and I’m Talking Some Really Great Ringtones and Sounds. They always Update their Stuff too……….

Getting Back to the Opening Statement: Yes! I Did Vote!
Trouble is I haven’t had a chance or actually seen anything to Shoot!!!
In Our Area (Immediate anyway) I only saw a few kids going around Trick or Treating. That was One Group! That’s IT!! Go outside of our immediate area and it looks like the movie Hocus Pocus!! LOL But alas… I didn’t go!! I Didn’t Get There…
So Like my Quote on the Top!! Duh

I am going to share some images I had shot a few years ago. My wife and I had done something pretty funny. Hmm didn’t do it this year though?? I booked a Hotel for a few days in Manhattan. Made a reservation to a few Restaurants. Got tickets to a few Museums and we acted like complete tourists……. Was pretty Cool!
See Manhattan is an interesting place. If you work in Manhattan. By the time the day is done. All you want to do is get OUT of Dodge! Get Out and Get Home!
That in itself is major feat! Depending on the weather. Depending on traffic or train conditions it can take us hmm lets just say too long to Impossibly Long and I can’t stand it. Every Stinkin Day! Non Stop!
When you no longer work in Manhattan. You take a Big Sigh of Relief!
How did I do that for soo long?? It’s such a pain to get to. That we rarely go anymore. Only if either we have to. Or a Special Occasion! Which of course we make every excuse under the Sun to avoid it at all costs…………. pppppfffffffffffffffff

So while walking around or just having a smoke outside the Hotel I of course had my small P&S in my hand.. Edited in the Old Trusty CS4 and the Nik Collection.
Of course I’ve had these for a few years now. Why should I waste my hard  earned money on the latest and greatest Cloud Version. When my Old Versions of things still work?? Ha………

Have a Great Weekend Everyone……….

160824_Manhattan_2023160824_Unedited-Manhattan_2043Life at Night160824_Manhattan_2028160824_Manhattan_2035Preparing for a meetingResting on a Hot Day

The Mystique . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

To photograph is to arrange elements within a defined space
and capture that composition within a fragment of time.

— George Lottermoser

There is something to say about the Streets of Paris!
If you walk along the tight streets in the early morning hours just after Sunrise. We can catch the flavor of the Architecture and History. The ancient buildings sit quietly overlooking the comings and goings of the passerby. People going to work. The Tourists and Travelers all going about their business.

The little specialty shops. The flavors and aromas coming out of the Coffee Shops. The Bakeries and the Butchers. We hear the morning greetings as they pass to and fro.

But it’s the Streets themselves. The towering old buildings that give the essence of history. Every once in a while you can see a plaque on the side of a building with the year of construction. Usually somewhere in the 1600’s. Think about it? We stayed in a building that was built between the James Town Colony 1607 and the Plymouth Colony 1620-1691. I think that building had a date on it as 1643 or so?? I’ll have to check my archives for that image..

Paris Street

For inspiration for this weeks post. I was hunting around the net looking for “Notable Photographers”. Just pick a country to add to the search. The list is amazing and tremendous. Every country you can think of! If that’s the case then I can hear you asking me. So then why do you speak about French Photographers so much?
That’s easy. Photography and of course “Street Photography” both started in Paris!
From the very beginning of the “Daguerrotype” created by the Inventor/Artist:
Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. His creation was the dominant equipment for the next 20 years!! He introduced it in 1839 and we never looked back!

We’ve been to Paris 3 times and can’t get enough of it!
I will leave you with one more image from Paris. As we were walking around
The Eiffel Tower I spotted a workman repelling down the side. With paint can in hand! Now understand that I am both a Retired Construction Working (Now), and also an amateur climber. I found this fantastic.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
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I just came back to edit and add an image. I found one of a plaque stating the construction date of one building. I thought it was cool to show the actual history and an example of what I’m speaking about.


Simply Don’t Know …

Friday Night Photography Quote:

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.
— Dorothea Lange



I was searching around the Net for Ideas as to what I should write about for today’s Blog Post. Ran into a New Bio about Diane Arbus..
Now as an impressionable 15 year old admiring the skill and aggressiveness to what it takes to walk up to a complete stranger to ask “May I please take your picture?”

It was difficult then. Living in and around New York City it’s extremely difficult in this day and age. But Diane Arbus got those people to actually take her to their own House/Apartments so she could speak to and Photograph them. I had an inkling but my innocent child’s mind never had enough proof or fact to even say such a thing. As an Adult yeah I thought about it. But the mystique surrounding Arbus’s Work always had a Dark Turn to them. I would even say early Goth before that term was ever thought of..

But reading the excerpts and reviews makes it perfectly clear. She was in a deep state of depression. Because of her life she was introverted, shy and an outcast of society. So she looked to those who were also an outcast to see how they became comfortable within their own skin.

Why am I saying my age at that time? Because I had taken a book out of the Library on Diane Arbus. Reading outside with a radio going next to me. A News Flash came over the radio stating: Artist Photographer Found Unresponsive. Diane Arbus was found …………… They give the exact date if you search for her on the Net.

I didn’t buy the book yet, so I’m not sure where they take us. But it does look like it’s something worth reading. It opens up a whole New Understanding of what drove her to capture the images she did. I highly recommend it.

I believe this Link will bring you over to Amazon for the book:

Have a great weekend Everyone.
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Obsessed Lately!

Friday Night Photography Quote:

I have never taken a picture for any other reason than that at that moment it made me happy to do so.
— Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Master Photographers
– The World’s Great Photographers on their Art and Technique


For the past few weeks I’ve obviously been obsessed by “Street Photography“!
Once you’ve been bitten by the Bug it gets very addicting. While walking around you find yourself watching! Watching everything while life goes on around you.
Observing people going about their business. Looking for interesting architecture and shadows around them. Looking for expressions or situations that you think might stand out! Colors and Abstract Shapes within a combination of having “The Human Element” involved.

It’s training really. The more you do something the more your exercising that particular skill and of course the better you get. Practice! Practice! and more Practice will always pay off!

But this again comes down to the Basics! Basics of how you handle your Gear!
You are responsible for handing your Tool of Choice! For your Auto-Focus?
What is your camera Focusing on? For Your Exposure? What is your Camera “Exposing for”? You must already know how to “Use” and handle your Camera to be able to do this. This is Fast Movement! Once in a lifetime situation that you want to get right immediately! Take the shot and put your camera down! Don’t Linger! Move on to the next one! Don’t sit and think about your exposure! It “Must be Second Nature”!! Frame your Subject in the Viewfinder! Think of Composition and Lines! Placement of everything combined will of course make for a More Interesting Image!

Let’s Talk about Composition for a minute!
The “Rules of Composition” were created by the “Great Classical Painters” of our existence. Most experienced Artists of every field and media use the “Rules of Composition” to help them create a better image!
I hear and see posts time and time again. Rules are made to be broken! I don’t need no Rules! I’m an Artist? Yeah? Well for the most part every or almost everyone who says and thinks this. Is a Beginner on some level. The reality of this thought? Is Most if Not All Attempts of breaking the rules ends in a mediocre image at best! Failed Attempts for the most part. These Rules Guide Us! They encompass us and surround us with the knowledge of creating something that the “Viewer” whom is gazing at our creation can figure out what is going on. As well as why you did what you did.

I was asked to join a Photography Group on one of the Social Media sites. Looking around I felt that these people who are sharing their Images have absolutely No Knowledge of anything pertaining to the training of Art in any form. I look at these images and the first thing in my mind is:

“What is the Main Subject or Idea”?
“What is the reason someone took this Image”?

The excuse I hear is that was shot with my Smart Phone. Isn’t it beautiful?
So I start trying to have a discussion on the basics. Remember I was asked by someone going out of their way to get me to be a member of this group!
I get answers that someone learned something by the discussions. That they never knew or had an idea and that I put something inside their heads. OK I feel good about this. But then people are posting images exactly what was going on before!
People are saying how beautiful the images are?? Seriously people? A comment I saw today while glancing through some posts was “That’s a nice carpet of green”?
Can one use a Smart Phone to create a Beautiful Image? Of course! I’ve seen wonderful Images! But the person who created that Image. Did do all the correct things!

Then of course I go back to my normal areas of Photography and look at these images that were posted. Man it’s Day and Night! Makes a person feel better about the world I guess….

I’ve tried! I’ve tried to teach!! They don’t want to hear it. They “Think” they know.
Even a person posted an image that was actually pretty nice. Was thanking the people in that group for their encouragement so she could share it to another Group.
A Real Photography Group I was guessing…………. Truthfully it was really a nice image. But I was laughing because look who she’s asking for an opinion? The Not Trained? Sigh………………

Think? What is happening that made you look at something. An event at the moment? A Cute scene? Here is an image I had shot a couple of years ago.
I was walking around a Town Square and spotted a Horse Drawn Carriage of a small family. The young girl is sitting up front with the Driver! That’s unusual at first glance. She’s obviously having the time of her life. Then I spotted a woman taking a shot of something near but in back of me. Facing me! Wonderful Old Architecture in the background. Lighting wasn’t perfect but wasn’t really bad. So of course I took the shot. Is it a great shot? Hmmm not sure. But again we are always our own worst critics..

Am I an expert? No!! Hell No!! But I’m a Student of the Art World! I’m Not a beginner.
Just trying to share my knowledge and making an attempt to further the appreciation of the Art of Photography.

Have a Great Weekend everyone. Please leave a comment or a thought. Did you learn anything at all?


Town Square - Brugge

Urban Art

Friday Night Photography Quote:

“Technique isn’t important. Technique is in the blood. Events and mood are more important than good light and the happening is what is important”.
— Andre Kertesz
– in the TV show American Masters in 1985.

“I just walk around, observing the subject from various angles until the picture elements arrange themselves into a composition that pleases my eye.”
-– Andre Kertesz

As you can see from the above quotes. I’ve been caught up again reading and searching within the great names of “Street Photography”.
I wouldn’t label myself a Street Photographer. Most of my work wouldn’t fit within the Rules that are required to be considered “Street Photography”.
Depending on the Group some of the Rules are extremely difficult. At least to me. Could I do it? Probably not!

My experience and training has placed a Workflow for lack of a better term within me. That requires me to bring my Images to the Darkroom to let the Art or Creation Out. To each their own as they say. In my mindset depressing the Shutter and having an Image is only half the process. It needs to be molded and refined during the editing process. Some find that process against their nature. To me it’s like cooking. You have all the ingredients in the Pot but you don’t place that pot in the oven. It needs to be Cooked for completion.

Someone recently told me that an image needs to be B&W then we have to shoot it in B&W! Yeah if I was using a Film Camera I would agree. At this time I don’t have a camera or the funds to send a camera to be altered for shooting in B&W Only. Even then I’m not sure I would trust it without testing it first.

To me and my needs. I shoot in Raw and then take that Image to editing. After working and editing the image I would bring that Image to be converted to B&W.
Whether I’m using the Color Channels and or then to the Nik Silver Efex Pro or both.
So right off the top I can’t see how any B&W would be created Straight Out of the Camera? Without altering the camera the B&W Tones are not anywhere near where I’m used to from the Old Film Days. Not going to happen. All the tones? All of the Gray Scale are Not there in the manufacturing process.

Also another person happened to mention that not all images will look good in B&W! Correct, not everything will. But the only way to find out is to try. Sometimes we can see that right off. Sometimes we even think an image will work without question. But once that image is attempted to be converted. Only then will make a final decision if it can be made. The last few days I was working on an image. I tried several times, several different ways. No matter what I was doing I was Not happy with the results. Out of frustration I ended up posting it on my Timeline in Facebook. Asking for Opinions whether they preferred either the Color or B&W versions. The outcome pointed to the color image. What was interesting is that those who I know to Not have any Photography or Art background were also giving opinions. But most of those who did comment had gone with the color. Including my Photography Friends so that’s what I’m using.

I was going to try to keep some sort of continuity by posting all B&W Images. That’s also why I was so intent on converting that one image. So I’m making a Gallery of my Images that “I Call Urban Photography”. Urban if you will in case your a stickler for the Rules. I don’t want to insult those that do have that skill and ability. This is my Art! If it doesn’t fit into the Category Called “Street” by your Skill and abilities. Then would you kindly leave a comment and give me a direction as to a proper name so I am Not Offending or insulting you. That is Not my intention. I do admire all those who do create the wonderful Art Called “Street Photography”.

I am plainly stating that I do not have that skill or the inclination to even attempt to try the wonderful Art that I’ve seen posted on the Net in the Classification as “Street”!

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Fall Foliage Portrait Time

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Photography cannot change the world,
but it can show the world, especially when it changes!!
— Marc Riboud

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Thanksgiving!! Here in New York it is Extremely Unpredictable! Yes that’s Right!
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