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Professional Business Portraits

  • Did you Start with a New Company?
  • Have you hired a New Person to work for your Corporation or Department?

Have you thought about Posting an article in the Business Section of your Local Newspaper? A Professional Portrait would go well with a small article. Look in the business section of your Local Newspaper! They have announcements of New Hires or someone who’ve received a Promotion.
What they all have in common is a small portrait of the person in question with that article.

We have been working with Business People for Professional Portraits since 1980. We can help you get Noticed! We can help make a difference in the presentation of how you represent your Corporation as well as yourself.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Business Cards from Real Estate Agents.
They have a small portrait of themselves on their cards.
It helps identifying whom your going to do business with.
It’s actually a great little self promotion. Do you have a Portrait on your Business Card?

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This Past Week . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Once the amateur’s naive approach and humble willingness to learn fades away, the creative spirit of good photography dies with it. Every professional should remain always in his heart an amateur.
— Alfred Eisenstaedt

We spent Thanksgiving Week with family down in Florida. That is the reason I didn’t get to post last weeks Blog. I had the opportunity to once again go out and shoot the amazing Wildlife in the immediate area.

While walking around the brush and being exposed to all that is possible. The mind wonders. To some you “Must” make noise to let the more aggressive creatures know that your there so they can have a chance to run off….. You know that this also creates a situation that as we Artists get frustrated because this also makes it impossible to shoot those creatures that we do want to see also leave…………

Stealth is the name of the game! Walk Silently! Move as quietly as possible so as to Not Startle the Wildlife and the Rewards are Endless……………. Keep in mind that the vibrations from your feet are also felt by the wildlife under the water!! The fish feel it and move away. Any birds in that immediate area will also sense danger and move with the fish………

Keeping all this in mind will have tremendous benefits.

Of course being at the right time and the right place makes it all come together.
Keeping a low profile while an incoming bird decides to land near you will give you the opportunity to create some magnificent images… But!!! Make sure you understand your camera! All the posts! All of the my previous discussions hopefully has given you the tools to work your camera and to make those settings a reflex!

Birds in Flight!!
To capture a moving subject knowing that the foliage around me will interfere if I’m not careful for my focusing! Active Focusing On! Tracking the moving subject is now Not the Cameras Problem. It’s Mine!! When the Shutter is Depressed that mirror comes up and blocks my view. So now it’s all up to me to keep the camera pointed in the right direction to follow the moving subject.

For these shots I was lucky. I noticed a Great Blue Heron coming towards me. I was standing near a tree and trying not to move. In keeping a low profile I wouldn’t annoy this magnificent bird to make it go to a different area and fly away. I glanced down at my camera to make sure my settings were all good. I also happened to have my BBF “Back Button Focus” set to the “On” position.

For those that might be curious here is my Exif Info:
If you do not know what this means: definition Exif Data

Nikon D700 using the Nikon 70-300 VR Lens
Aperture Priority
Aperture: f:8
Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec
ISO: 250
Back Button Focus and 3D Tracking in the On Positions.
All Images shot in the Nikon Raw NEF Format on a Hoodman Raw Compact Flash Memory Card. Hint: Use the Fastest Card you can afford. I’ve had this wonderful card for a few years now. At 675x it can keep up with me as you will see.

Hand Held
All Images edited using CS4 and the Nik Collection


By using Aperture Priority I’m keeping the same Depth of Field to make positive that my moving subject will be in focus. Doing this also makes the exposure consistent throughout all 8 images. Think for a second please? If I had used the “Full Auto” setting would All 8 images have the same exposure? Would some be darker and others show a lighter image? I wouldn’t want that. I want All the images in a set to have the exact same exposure properties. To do this we use either of the “Semi-Auto” settings. Fully Manual might work as well but on a moving subject that shutter speed needs to be able to keep up with any changes in the light. So that is now my variable to keep the exposures exactly the same from All 8 images. Even the ISO is on manual and I have it set in the spot I was in for 250.

Time of day was mid to late Sunrise and I happen to be facing where the sun was coming up on the horizon. The location was Boca Raton Florida.

Have a Great Weekend everyone. Of course more images will be up in next weeks Blog Post.

So there is “Hope”???

Friday Night Photography Quote:

A true photographer is as rare as a true poet or a true painter.
— Jean Cocteau

Interesting week! I think the “Average” person on the street is finally understanding that being in possession of a camera doesn’t make one anymore a “Photographer” than having a Stove and thinking your a great Chef!!!

Maybe they are finally getting it! That it takes years of study. Years of trial and error to get the understanding of everything. That what makes Photography complete and what is the true understanding!

Reading Books! Watching Video Tutorials on the Net! Taking Classes!
Going to Workshops All Helps in Understanding and putting together the knowledge that’s gained and explains the real “Why”!

But what still bothers me is when an image is posted and every single person in that Group is praising that image for it’s perfection!! Proper Exposure, follows None of the “Rules of Composition”, the person is Not Even Trying to break any of “Rules of Composition”. OK it’s a Low Level Group and I was asked to be Member to possibly teach. Would you understand that not just one. But a few actually try to argue the point??? One of them actually claims to be an Artist??

Just sitting back and shaking my head. Take a deep breath!! LOL
Don’t know why it bothers me. After all the years that has passed I’m still affected by those that want to learn but make every excuse to continue doing the same thing! Wouldn’t you figure that if a person posts and asks on how to improve an image they would want to actually hear it?

I’m Not Speaking of those that want to get a camera and take Beautiful Images like they see in the magazines. Upon being informed that it’s Not the Camera that those people study for years to be able to make that Beautiful Image. These are the people that say “Oh that’s too much work”! If I spend more money and get a better camera will it take better pictures? Maybe but again. You will have to learn what to do with the camera.¬† That Answer does bother me though:

“Oh that’s too much trouble. It’s too hard. I don’t want to invest the time”!!

I don’t think sharing an image for this discussion would do this take on my emotions justice. So I’m just going to leave this the way it is………..

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
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