Making Do . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Up to and including the moment of exposure, the photographer is working in an undeniably subjective way. By his choice of technical approach, by the selection of the subject matter…and by his decision as to the exact cinematic instant of exposure, he is blending the variables of interpretation into an emotional whole.
— W. Eugene Smith, Time-Life – Photographers on Photography

All of the experience. All of the mistakes from the past. Maybe a piece of equipment failure or just not working properly. Including using someone else’s camera.
Make do with what you have! Thinking getting a New Camera or a New Lens or a New Anything will transform your “Work/Art” into a masterpiece??
A new piece of equipment might or/ will make your job easier. But lets say a New Lens will/might make you think differently from a new perspective.

5 years ago we ended up in Paris on Bastille Day which is today July 14.
My brother and his family rented an apartment for a few months of that summer.
Once there we were going to be going around by train and cab visiting several places. I knew that helping him with the Suitcases as well as our own would be difficult at best. Dragging my backpack with my equipment was definitely not going to either fun and or safe for the equipment. They had two young boys also in two.
So I had reluctantly agreed to use his camera once we arrived. No extra long glass.
Just a kit lens on his very basic body. Not saying it was terrible but not what I was used to. Having a different system thrown upon me was going to be a chore right from the start…. Of course a different company has a different Menu System.. LOL

My mindset was that I only had one thing to do. Take it up as a personal challenge.
I had to learn how his system worked and fast so I could be able to do what I pictured in my mind. Making it an extension of my fingers like I always do.
Phew not an easy thing of course. Realistically I had trouble finding how to set the camera to shoot Raw. Wait??? Will my programs be able to deal with the Raw Files from his camera?? Yeah! I had checked before I left and that put my mind at ease even a little bit.

First day there my brother and his group left us for a short nap. I had just closed my eyes when I heard it…….. Man what was that?? Ohh Bastille Day Celebrations. I just heard a Fighter Jet flyby. Oh man… Turning to my wife she was already asleep after our 6 and change hour flight. Grabbing his camera I’m out the door. Trying to remember which door I’m walking out of so I could find my way back. Remember we just arrived and my Sister In Law and Brother are No Where to be seen…

Fighter Jets, Cargo Ships and Choppers.. Oh an Historical Parade. Men on horseback wearing old fashioned dress uniforms.. Man I wish I had my assortment of Lenses…
But using what I had I shot several memorable images…..

I was forced to use my Noise Reduction on these even using a normal range of exposures. The Sky that did show was extremely Noisy. I guess the sensor quality maybe?? That I wasn’t used to. But the colors and details are good. I’ll limit my images for this post on those from the Bastille Day Celebrations…

Have a Great Weekend Everyone.
Before I forget Congratulations to Team Croatia for the Win.
Croatia vs France
For the World Cup…



Friday Night Photography Quote:

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.

— Scott Adams

I’m making it Official. I am Closing Out my Portrait Web Site.
I have been Notified that my last contract for my Domain Name will expire and
I have made the decision to Not renew it. I’ve gotten more business from my Facebook site than the Web Page. Only thing I’ve been attracting are Spammers.
On top of that. Every time I try to Update something whether it’s the WordPress itself or any of my plug ins. I’m always running into errors and giving me headaches.
So if you all would like to take a look. Go to:

Now this Does NOT Mean I’m Stopping Portrait Photography. It just means that I’m stopping the wasted time and money it has taken me to upkeep and maintain the Web Page.

These pages here are WordPress is Free. So I’m continuing these sites.



Limitations . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

It’s no good saying “hold it” to a moment in real life.

— Lord Snowdon





To be Creative and Inspire ourselves. Sometimes we use Limitations as a Tool to Force Ourselves to do better.

It can come in many forms. When I was young and first starting out in Photography I had purchased my first lens. Granted the average person was limited to getting in Zoom Lens. The first Zoom Lens to come onto the Consumer Market to the everyday person was the Vivitar 70-210 mm but still was out of reach for most people at that time because of the price.

My first lens back in the day was a 135mm Telephoto. All of a sudden I was now having problems getting used to the new perspective. We didn’t have the Internet in those days. What did we do for information? Get yourself to the Library!

Going thru the Photography Magazines I started to notice some questions to the editors section about purchasing new glass. One fast off comment was to force yourself to use that problem piece of equipment Only for a while.
Truthfully that small comment actually works for everything in Life.

So Off I went with that New Lens attached to my camera. It was a real fight at first. I wasn’t getting it. After a few days it started to be easier. Then I had purchased my first Wide Angle Lens. A 28mm that I thought was going to be a piece of Cake.
Nope!!  LOL OK placing this lens on my body I was Off Again. Just limiting yourself to using One Lens creates a different mindset. Forcing Oneself to be Limited in your vision. Forces you to “See” in a different way. Getting Out of your comfort zone is a very important step in the creative process. Think of going to a restaurant and ordering some food you’ve never tasted before? Are you Brave? Can you do it?
Without having a small taste first? I’ve done it. Force yourself to go “Outside the Box”.

In Photography’s current technical abilities it’s a Lot easier. In the 1970’s when I was starting we had to purchase a Roll of Film. Then after shooting we had to send it away for processing. Well those that know me already know I didn’t like the way the Factory was processing my film and images. So I learned how to do that myself. At least the B&W Film anyway. You see the current camera bodies can change the sensitivity for the light by Changing the ISO. In those days our Roll of Film was purchased because of the sensitivity. You wanted Film for bright days? Like a park or the beach in the middle of the Day? You got yourself a slower film. We couldn’t change the Speed of that film. We were able to figure out that by changing the processing slightly we were able to “Push” that film speed. Whether it worked out as good as we wanted to was another story..  LOL

Now that’s Only the Beginning. You can limit yourselves in other ways to be creative. Keeping your subject to a smaller simplistic idea is another. Sometimes that is much harder than it sounds. The Street Photographers are a great example of keeping it simple. They set a standard of “Rules” of what you can and Can Not do in your images. I highly Respect them for their abilities and creativity. The subject matter, the way they edit or don’t edit the images has to conform to their rules as well. You see and have to understand that shooting something on the “Street” and if that doesn’t conform to their rules is “Not Really Street Photography”. It’s easy to shoot on the street. But does it Follow the Rules?? That’s what’s important.

Now processing or editing Images? Some people say that they don’t like that?
Others may think it’s too hard and intrusive. Everyone has their own reasons for doing something.

Lets take this one step even further. Your on a shoot right? Maybe shooting a party. Or maybe shooting a portrait. You have some kind of equipment failure!! Now what?
Your customer/client wont want to hear “Oh my Light/Camera/Lens isn’t working” Sorry I’m going home. Life doesn’t work that way. You now are being forced by necessity to use the other gear you have to cover for that piece of gear that was taken out. Does this happen? Yes! Does it happen at a Major Event? Of course it does.
Will you ever hear about it? Of course Not. Not unless you happen to know this person in one way or another. That is Not something that we let out for common information. As long as the resulting images look good. That’s All that matters.

Subject Matter:
This is a completely different idea for Creativity. Keeping an image simple with one main subject and having no distracting elements or other components is a whole Genre in itself.
Is it an easy thing to accomplish? No! Matter of fact it is a very difficult thing to be able to do. Especially in landscape photography. A solitary tree. A ball in a ball field kind of thing. I might have a few that fall into this classification. Not sure if its an exact fit into their rules though.


Is this a “Simple” Idea? Yes. Does this fit into the Rules? That’s doubtful.
A lot of the classifications for their creative Genre’s have strict rules even on editing.
No Cropping, No Editing at all for “Street Photography”. The “Morning Catch” I cropped it slightly. I did a little bit of sharpening on the boat and the fishermen.
In the “Morning Fog” I lightened the foreground to show a drop more detail and also added a drop of Warmth. No sharpening and No Cropping for that one.

See how the limitations create inspiration? First Rule for most of the sections in Photography ls “Get it right in Camera”!! Proper Exposure! Proper Composition!
Nothing in the Image should need to be cropped OUT!! Those are the rules for Most of the separate Genres. Years of study and experience are needed to get that correct.
It’s the erroneous stray objects that we must watch out for. If they are present and only later do you see that you have a stray branch or electrical cables that need to be cropped out. Wrong! It might look good but now doesn’t fall into their restrictions.

We as Artists can you these Self Proclaimed Limitations to help better our Craft!
Life isn’t always easy! Make it really difficult and suffer and the “Art” shows the struggle.

Have a great Weekend everyone.
Any thoughts? Any Comments? Are you more Knowledgeable in any of the areas I mentioned in this article? Contact Me and we can do an interview for an opportunity to help get the word out on the Rules and Regulations on your Genre.


Put in my Place!

Friday Night Photography Quote:

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

— Dorothea Lange

Growing up in New York. I was taught the Value of Respecting Others.
I always repeat a quote that is always appropriate. “The More You Know, The More you realize you Don’t Know.” Me.. I started saying that many years ago while teaching some students Photography.

We ended up walking around Manhattan yesterday. After all the Hate that has shown its Ugly Head lately. It was an absolute pleasure watching people going about their business from All Walks of Life.
My wife had gone into a store and like always I ended up people watching outside.
After All my personal exposure to people. Growing up in a mixed neighborhood in the Bronx when I was little. To being a Manager of a small Portrait Studio in Manhattan. Where I roughly met and photographed an estimated 150,000 people from many different countries. They spoke every language you can think of and then some.
Every Religion. My wife and I have traveled to about a dozen Countries.

What I’m saying is “How can someone be soo Hateful and think it’s OK”?

Walking around Times Square. All the people with different reasons coming and going. Then a Large Bright Billboard High above the Street Caught my eye.
Then I spotted it. I realized what it was immediately. You see while I’ve been living in New York City my whole life. There are some things the average New Yorker doesn’t do. I’ll get back to this in a moment.

Here in America we have certain symbols that hmm Used to Explain who we were.
The Statue of Liberty. Bring Us Your Poor……… and others.
As a Photographer the one thing we specialize in is “Stopping Time”.

This Icon way above the Street! It reflects stopping a Moment in Time. Where Everyone across the Globe Cheers. Yells! Hugs the person Next to You/Them!
Everyone is One Large Family for just One Single Tick of the Clock!
What am speaking about? Thee One Thing that everyone pays Attention to for one brief moment. For the Future! Thee One Thing that makes people Dream of Hope! Of Peace! Of good Health. Thee One Iconic Piece of New York that All The Hate Can’t Touch!

My problem is this was a very fast Cell Phone Grab. Normally I will Never show an Image I really don’t like. But here? I’ll probably never get a chance to reshoot this so what the …. LOL

Here it is! Thee One Solely New York Icon that Brings the Whole World Together in the True Human Spirit and Humanity Holds it’s Breath and Smiles…

The Ball in Times Square.

Hopes and Dreams for the Future

Why are those people angry? Why do they now think it’s OK to show their Hate without repercussions? That might be the true question here.

I was in a heavy discussion. It remained partially civil..  I kept up explaining and giving examples against all their reasoning. Till I was told if you like them so much go and live in their countries and see how it feels? I was then Called a Traitor?
Traitor? Seriously?

The people who think anyone has a Heart and Cares enough about people no matter where they are from or what they look like. I’m the one called a Traitor!
It’s actually Treasonous the way these people go against the very Fabric of what this Once Great Nation is based On. The Level of hate has gotten so out of hand to think you can say and do anything you want whether or not it hurts someones feelings and you just don’t care?

I’m going to say it…………..

I Do Care!
It’s Why America is Great!
Because WE DO Care!

We Will Not Let America Hate Again! This is the 21st Century. Get Over Yourselves!


Friday Night Photography Quote:

Having a camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter.
— Claude Adams

Class of 2018

Did You Graduate? Besides Your Pictures for your Yearbook
with Cap and Gown. Did you have a Formal Portrait Created? Did you go to the Venue that You’ve spent the past few Years in? Stage? Ball Field? Dance Class? Music Class?

You Will Want a Formal Portrait
Doing What You’ve Grown to Love!

Your Starting a Job? Your Going away to College? Your Going to College Locally?
Your Time is NOW! The Summer After High School and Before College is the Time You Will Remember for the Rest of Your Life!

This is YOUR Time!

Having a Portrait of yourself will give you something to look back on for your Memories. Be Proud of Your Accomplishments!

We Are Located in Northeast Queens in New York City.
Covering the #Whitestone, #Bayside, #Douglaston and #Little Neck Areas!

Contact Us:

Perception . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

It is not what I see outside that makes my images, it is what I feel on the inside that comes out.

— Carolyn M D’Alessandro

Happy June Everyone! We finally made it. Even though the Weather outside is misty and rainy. The temps here are in the low 60’s. That’s 16 degrees Celsius for my friends across the pond.

We as Artists look at the world a bit different or skewed. It’s this difference that gives us our creativity. We see something. We spot something that makes us go Hmmm.

Let’s have some fun with this. While walking around I had spotted a nice scene.
A couple just looking out and relaxing. But perception makes us see things that aren’t really there. Our own perspective creates the Illusion of something more…

What made me do a double take were the facts of this:

  • Never met them
  • Didn’t speak to them
  • Unusual place for a Bench

Let’s play a Game with this. I would Like All of you to make up a Title for this image.
You don’t have to explain anything from what you see.
I will share what I know next Friday. Unless of course I have either very little or no responses. Then I’ll post my comment probably on Sunday.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone.
Looking forward to hearing your answers….




Spring is Finally Here . . .

Friday Night Photography Quote:

Photography cannot change the world, but it can show the world,
especially when it changes.
– Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud: French Photojournalist
you guys have to search for his name.
He passed away in 2016

In All the Photography Groups on Facebook. Everyone has started to shoot and post images of Flowers and Still Life.
I find this difficult and not my usual creativity. Sometimes setting up a Tripod and watching the Light and Shadows play on the petals reminds me more of “Abstract” than anything else. Once I started to Shoot Flowers while just walking around and being a Witness to the patience and creativity it takes to do this. It has grown on me.

People Are passionate about their Gardens. Being able to shoot these Flowers and things made me appreciate nature a bit more. Usually I’m on the hunt for Wildlife than the Flora and Fauna. But as of late I can’t just walk by if I have my camera with me and miss the opportunity to capture the Beauty.

I originally intended to write and post about Still Life. But as someone who had asked me recently “Where Do You get your Ideas from”?
I pay attention to what’s going on around me. Or try to…
I will start to think of things to say by midweek and don’t start actually putting my words on screen till Thursday or even on Friday. Yeah! I’m sure some of you have noticed I will miss a Friday on occasion. But I will then try to post something on Saturday. Depending on how Life invades the creative process….

So these images reflect both just on the hunt for Flowers and/or being a Witness to something that captures my Attention and awakes my Creativity…

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.
I’m Dedicating these Images to those who Lost their Lives while Serving.
God Bless Their Souls…………………………

This Image is of the American Cemetary
in Normandy, France
My wife and I were there On Our First Trip
to France back in 2010

American Cemetery, Normandy France

Walking around makes it hard to breath. No matter what or how you prepare yourself. The fact of all these lives that were cut short because of War is Overwhelming.


Like Always I appreciate All Comments and Criticisms.
Like? Not?
Please leave a Comment to let me know what you feel
about my Blog.
Thank You All

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